Ana Mallarino entered the fascinating world of photography on a trip to France in the late 80s. She later graduated with at the Universidad Estatal de Guayaquil (Ecuador, South America). Her final year at the University, she left her mark by becoming the featured photographer in the University’s Annual Photography Expo… this was only the beginning.
20 years later, Ana has captured the memories and emotions of hundreds of clients into breathtaking pictures. She has focused on weddings, family portraits, models and commercial pictures. Ana Mallarino has a great mix between attention to detail and creativity. She will capture every detail of your special day while creating spontaneous, real and unforgettable shots!

“When I have a camera in my hands, my world transforms. I have a major responsibility to make sure that my clients have the best possible experience and of course… they get pictures that just might tear them up every time they look at them. I’m on the hunt for unexpected moments...the best part is when the bride/groom see these special moments for the first time… it’s priceless! I love my job, I wouldn’t change it for anything else” Ana says.

Mary Mallarino passion about photography started at a very young age but it wasn’t until later in her career this passion became her job.
After graduating from advertising at a Colombian University, she started her career as a copywriter in one of the biggest advertising agencies in Ecuador (BBDO). Within a few years, she was leading the commercial photography initiatives for the agency. During her advertising career, she won various local creative awards (Ecuador) and various International Mentions (Brazil & Mexico) for important brands.

15 years ago, she went back to school to get her photography degree. Her moment of fame came in the late 90s, when she got selected to expose her work in the “Museo Municipal de Guayaquil”, the biggest museum in Guayaquil, Ecuador. She later came to Florida to join forces with Ana and they founded Mafle Photography!

Maria has a very upbeat and enthusiastic personality that will make any event a complete success. She’s friendly, creative and fun; she will capture every precious moment without you even noticing she’s there. “Photography has always been part of me, I’m very fortunate to be doing something that I love. I think my passion of photography comes out in every picture that I take. Every wedding, every couple, every family are different that’s why my favorite part is collaborating with my clients to bring to life their vision…Pictures should tell the unique story of each client!” says Mary

Gustavo is a visionary; his artistic talents go beyond photography, art runs through his veins. He started his career creating award winning paintings in his native city of Guayaquil.
His art stands out because of his great mix of cubism and Salvador Dali’s Surrealism. He later joined the advertising world where he worked at a few of the major advertising agencies in Ecuador (J. Walter Thompson, BBDO) were he was awarded various prizes, including the highest prize in advertising: El Condor de Oro.

He then moved to the United States and joined the Mafle Photography team as the Art Director and Photography Coordinator. He has a great ability to find unique poses, places and moments that will capture the feelings and emotions of your big day. He’ll make you feel at ease, allowing you to relax and enjoy your special moment.
Gustavo’s inventiveness combined with Ana and Mary’s talents make Mafle Photography the complete package for your event. “Today, almost anyone with a digital camera can snap a few candid photos, but it takes a trained eye, creative talent, years of experience and a team of artists to consistently create breathtaking pictures. I’ve been creating art all my life; I use this experience to help create memorable moments! “ says Gustavo

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